Our Fleet

The Fleet of Accessible Vehicles

Our wheelchair accessible fleet includes GM and Chrysler low floor vehicles that are fully tested to meet the strictest accessible transportation specifications including D-409 and TTC standards. Each vehicle must pass 3 annual inspections at the Department of Transportation.

Our fleet consists of 25 wheelchair accessible vans ranging in age from 2000 to 2004 and can transport 1 wheelchair and 4 ambulatory passengers in addition to 2 larger wheelchair accessible vehicles (on order) with the capacity to accommodate up to 3 wheelchair and 3 ambulatory passengers.

Each accessible van is equipped with a first aid kit, an ABC 5.0 kg fire extinguisher, seatbelt extractor, emergency blanket and flares. In addition, all the accessible vehicles are further equipped with an emergency exit and a second ramp located on the driver side. Each accessible vehicle is also equipped with radio and cellular communication.

A leader in fleet maintenance and inspections, our computer system randomly selects a number of vehicles for a complete visual inspection. Our computerized system also generates a profile for each taxi inspected and includes details regarding the vehicles condition. In addition, to our random inspections, we also have a team of road inspectors who are on the road daily.

Please note that all vehicles are now equipped with the technology to accept Interac in addition to all major Credit Cards.

All drivers undergo an extensive 4-month training program approved by the Transportation Ministry and the City of Toronto Municipal Licensing and Standards for Urban Development. This intensive program includes CPR, geography lessons for the city of Toronto, information regarding the bi-laws and defensive driving techniques.

In addition, all wheelchair accessible drivers complete another intensive course approved by the TTC provided by Municipal Licensing focusing on providing services to those passengers with physical and/or mental disabilities including sensitivity training.

In addition to the training just described, we also conduct an intensive in-house training program with refresher courses every year to all the drivers to ensure that the drivers have mastered the required skills and knowledge to provide excellent customer service. Our in-house training program focuses on customer service issues that include the transport of children, individuals with special needs, safety and emergency procedures.

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Special Needs Transportation